At Fusteria Pou, we make all kinds of furniture and decorative wooden items: tables, chairs, cabinets and closets, bookcases, walk-in closets, custom-made furniture, parquet floorings, wooden wallboards (even for bathrooms and showers), etc. In other words: we make anything our clients need.

We can make these products out of any kind of wood: solid wood, wood sheets or lacquered fiberboards.

We listen to our clients and offer them advice to ensure that they get a unique, custom-made, personalized product. To further accommodate them, we also offer a wide range of styles: modern, rustic, classic, etc.

At Fusteria Pou, we personally handle the entire production process. We always use top-quality materials, and our product finishes and adjustments are worthy of the best craftsmen.

That is what sets our products apart from others on the market: our products possess the beauty of a job well done.