About us

A trade, a passion

Joan Pou Montalt - Company founder


He began his career in the carpentry trade in 1966, at the age of 16, after quitting a stable job in a textile factoryin pursuit of a better future. He worked in different workshops, where he learned the trade working side by side with great artisans and masters. In 1980, he decided to use his acquired knowledge and experience to start his own workshop and founded Fusteria Pou. Some time later, he began to work with the stonework company Piedra Natural Leiro. This relationship would last more than 30 years and would lead to major projects that would allow Joan Pou to demonstrate his full potential as a carpenter, such as the golf course facilities in El Brull or two different hotels in El Montanyà. At the same time, he never stopped working for interior decorators and individual clients, furnishing apartments and houses, restoring country houses, and building wooden roofs.

Joan Pou Grau - Second generation


Ever since he was a child, Joan Pou Grau had shown a remarkable inclination toward carpentry. At the tender age of three, he would follow his father around the workshop, soaking up his passion for the trade. In 1992, at the age of 14, he finished primary school and enrolled in the Salesians de Sarrià vocational school in Barcelona, which he attended for five years, earning an associate degree in industrial construction with a specialty in wood. His final project won first prize at the San Sebastián design competition, held by Instituto Politécnico EASO. Upon completing his studies, he joined the company and now complements his father's experience, bringing additional knowledge and technological know-how to both the workshop and technical office.

Our workshop

A space for creation

At Fusteria Pou, our raison d'être is to create with wood and to meet our clients' most demanding expectations in a personal and unique way. 

That is why we personally handle the entire production process and have designed our premises to allow us to take on new challenges—something that we love—with utmost professionalism.

We specialize in solid wood projects. Due to its characteristics, solid wood must be carefully processed to ensure a top-quality and long-lasting product.

Before starting a project, we study it, think it over and draw it using 2D and 3D CAD tools. For structural carpentry projects, we also build a wooden model if necessary. As a result, we are able to identify the project’s possible weaknesses, find the best solution, make the necessary modifications and choose the most suitable building process. We can moreover show it to the client in order to adapt it to his or her tastes and needs.

Our work process starts with a great stock of wood, stored to enable the raw material to dry naturally before it is transferred to the climate-controlled drier. There it undergoes an additional drying process to ensure that it has the ideal moisture content to work with.

Our premises span more than 2,000 square meters and are equipped with a wide range of conventional and specialized woodworking machines. We are thus able to produce all kinds of items, from linear and flat products to curved, warped or irregularly shaped pieces, allowing us to tackle any kind of challenge in terms of jobs, styles or shapes.

All our products are made from scratch: we do not use semifinished products for our projects. That is the only way to guarantee the quality and exclusivity we are known for.

Once the pieces have been machined, our team of professionals takes care of the finishes to give each piece the artisanal warmth it deserves.

Our premises are equipped with a pressurized paint booth with state-of-the-art spray guns where we do all our own varnishing, painting and lacquering so as to guarantee top-quality finishes and thus fulfill our clients' expectations.


At Fusteria Pou, we strive for quality over quantity and have prepared our premises, machines and knowledge accordingly in order to offer the best product on the market.


At Fusteria Pou, the constant search for excellence leads to constant evolution.

Our history

Our origins

In 1980, Joan Pou Montalt founded Fusteria Pou with the aim of creating a business where he could enjoy his work and evolve in the carpentry and furniture trade.

The project began with great enthusiasm, but modest equipment and means, at a small workshop on Carrer Curtidors in the town of Centelles. However, just a few years later, through considerable effort and long working hours, the workshop began to grow: new machines and adjacent premises were acquired in order to take on new challenges.


Fusteria Pou's aim was to offer top-quality service to both individual clients and companies. So, when the stonework company Piedra Natural Leiro offered Joan Pou the chance to take part in major projects, he did not hesitate for a moment, realizing it was an opportunity to prove his skills and professionalism. A relationship of friendship and trust was forged between Joan Pou and Valentí Leiro that would last for more than thirty years.

During the workshop's first years of life, most of the work was commissioned by private individuals, although some bigger projects were also undertaken, such as the enlargement of the El Montanyà restaurant (Seva) or the restoration and renovation of El Estanyol (El Brull), an old country house located in the area, to house the facilities for a golf course.


By 1990, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games were drawing closer, and with them came the greatest opportunity Fusteria Pou had ever been offered: the construction of a large hotel in El Montanyà (Seva), where the Olympic equestrian events would be held. The deadline was tight and there was no room for extensions. Fusteria Pou could not fail.

The company had to give its all and work against the clock to achieve what seemed virtually impossible at first sight. The team had to work like never before to build the roof structures, doors, windows, special closures and pieces for the interior design without ever once compromising on the quality the client knew and expected.


In the end, the company completed the work ahead of schedule, only to take on a new challenge that had to be met before the original deadline: the construction of another block of rooms. Once again, Fusteria Pou achieved its goal, and when the Games began, El Montanyà was completely finished and ready to offer an impeccable welcome!

After the Olympic Games, Fusteria Pou went back to its normal routine and worked on building houses, decorating apartments and crafting furniture for different clients. Now, it could moreover apply the wealth of experience it had acquired during the intense Olympic period to its other endeavors.

However, Joan Pou's hallmark philosophy of continuous improvement soon led him to take another step forward: the company needed larger premises to face the future in the best possible condition.


And so, in 1997, Fusteria Pou realized one of its dreams and moved to the new premises on Carretera de Sant Feliu de Codines in Centelles. The new premises gave it a great competitive advantage: the working conditions were better, and new machines could be acquired to meet clients' needs as Fusteria Pou had always done, but more comfortably.

That same year, Joan Pou Grau joined the company on a permanent basis after completing an associate degree in industrial construction, with a specialty in wood, at the Salesians de Sarrià vocational school in Barcelona. He would give fresh impetus to the company, both in the workshop and in the technical office, where he would introduce computer-aided design (CAD).

In 2002, with the new premises fully operational, a new opportunity arose: the construction of another hotel in El Montanyà, which would be much bigger than the first one. For this project, Fusteria Pou would be responsible for all the wooden structures, interior doors and windows, as well as for furnishing the hotel’s 125 rooms and its suites. It was a major project that would put the new facilities and team to the test. Fusteria Pou played an active part in the project design, contributing its knowledge and ideas to find solutions to the construction supervisors’ requests.

At Fusteria Pou, we strive to innovate every day: we are constantly making changes, finding new ways, new materials, new products, etc. The drive to keep improving is what keeps us going.


Fusteria Pou is not a large company, but it is a great one, great in terms of its professionalism and means. It is a company that aims to offer sustainable, top-quality products and that attaches the highest value to customer satisfaction.